Special Pakistani Bakra Eid Recipes You Must Cook

Tawa Bihari Kabab Recipe

Special Bakra Eid Recipes

Eid ul Edha is a religious festival of Muslims which is celebrated every year all over the world. This is also called Bakra Eid as the scarifies of animals is done at this Eid.

Special meaty dishes are made on this occasion to feed the family and guests.

We have collected here some must be made Pakistani Food Recipes related to meaty dishes. So what you are waiting for? Arrange your table with a recipe for Eid special dishes and enjoy!

         1- Nihari

Pakistani Nihari Recipe

Nihari is a stew dish that is cooked on slow heat. Usually overnight. This is made with a special cut of meat which has bones with it. Nihari can be made with beef and mutton.

Check: Beef Nihari RecipeMutton Nihari Recipe

       2- Paye


Paye is made with lamb or beef trotters. It also takes a long time in cooking.

Get it here: Pakistani Paye Recipe

For Paya Masala: Gulzar Special Paya Masala

         3- Kunna

Chinoti Kunna Gosht

Kunna gosht is a special traditional Pakistani dish made in a clay pot and also serves in the same pot at wedding ceremonies or at special occasions. It is made with the foreshank or hindshank meat of lamb.

Find Chef Zakir Mutton Kunna Gosht Recipe 

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         4- Korma

Homemade Degi Mutton Korma

Korma is a mild gravy dish and it has a tremendous mouth-watering taste. It goes delicious with naan. You will like the taste of following the Korma Recipe.

Get Recipes: Degi Mutton Korma Recipe,

For Masala Powder: Korma Masala

         5- Karahi Gosht

Homemade Mutton Karahi Recipe

As the name suggests this meaty dish is made in a karahi. Some simple spices, tomato, yogurt, green chilies are used to make it.

See Recipe: Mutton Karahi Gosht,  Mutton White Karahi

         6- Bong

Beef Bong Curry

Bong is made with beef meat. Just like Nihari, the bong is also cooked on low heat. But it has a different taste than nihari.

Bong Curry

         7- Namkeen Gosht

Peshawari Namkeen Gosht

Namkeen gosht is a famous dish in Peshawar. Professionally it is cooked with beef but you can also make it with lamb meat.

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         8- Raan Roast (Lamb Leg Roast)

Lamb Leg Roast

Many people hesitate to roast raan at home. Well! I always roast it at home because my family does not like the taste of raan roasted from restaurants.

Raan Roast or Lamb Leg Roast Recipe   

        9- Tikka Boti

Homemade Beef Bihari Kabab

Barbecue is a must at Eid ul Edha. Tikka, kabab are made on charcoal. A delicate aroma rise from every other home in Eid days. There are many tikka recipes but I will suggest you make Afghani Boti and Bihari Kabab.

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         10- Seekh Kabab

Easy Seekh Kabab

Seekh kabab has its own tempting taste. It is made with ground meat. It goes superb with imli ki chutni.

Get mouthwatering Seekh Kabab Recipes

Khoya Kabab RecipeSimple Seekh KababMalai Seekh Kabab Recipe

         11- Kaleji Recipe

Kaleji Recipe

In many families, liver or kaleji is serve in brunch on the day of Eid. Check out delicious Kaleji recipes and enjoy with your family.

Check recipes: Beef KalejiGrilled Liver

          12- Pulao

Degi Yakhni Pulao

I just love mutton pulao and we mostly make it on the second day of Eid. In the recipe, rice is cooked in a stock that gives it a tremendous taste.

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My mother’s recipe Mutton Pulao or Yakhni Wala Pulao

Tikka Boti PulaoDegi Pulao

         13- Biryani

Degi Biryani Chef Zubaida Tariq

Biryani is another famous Pakistani rice dish. It is cooked with chicken, beef or lamb meat. It serves with raita.

Try out: Degi BiryaniKofta Biryani

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         14- Chapli  Kabab

Chappli Kabab Recipe

Chapli  Kabab got its name due to the large shape of kabab. Crushed spices, cooked egg, and pomegranate seeds are the key ingredients of these kababs.

The recipe is here Chapli Kabab

         15- Kache Keeme k kabab

Kache Keeme Ke Kabab Recipe

Have you ever tried kache keeme k kabab? If not that you missed a delicious treat.

Must try Quick Kache Keeme k kabab

         16- Kache Keeme ki Roti/Paratha

Kachay Qeemay Kay Parathay

Just like kabab, Kache Keeme ki Roti also has a tremendous taste. Mostly people stuff with cooked mince but raw mince tastes great.

This is the recipe: Kache Keeme ki Roti

        17- Shami Kabab

Shahi Malai Shami Kebab Recipe

Shami kabab is a famous food in Pakistan. No matter it’s Eid or any other occasion, shami kababs are served with dip. You can also freeze shami kabab.

See: Beef Shami KababShahi Malai Shami Kabab

        18- Bihari Keema

Easy Bihari Mutton Keema

If you are looking some keema recipe then try out Bihari Keema Recipe.

Bihari Keema Recipe

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Make your Own Spices Powder at Home

For BBQ we must need tikka masala or bihari masala powder. So, at this Eid make these powder spices at home. Especially Bihari Masala Powder makes tikka very scrumptious. Even I marinade Raan with this powder.

BBQ Powder

Bihari Masala powder

Tikka Masala Powder

Have A Wonderful and Blessed Eid Days 🙂