Tips for Doing BBQ

Tips for BBQ at Home

Eid ul Edha is one of the important festivals of Muslims. On this special occasion, people arrange BBQ parties and enjoy mouthwatering tikka and kabab at home. If it says Eid ul Edha is incomplete without tikka, kabab; it would not wrong.

How to Do BBQ at Home

While doing BBQ at home, many people complain that meat does not tender and often it turns too hard. So for avoiding such problems there are some tricks that should be followed to make juicy and soft tikka.

Ratio of Spices

How Much Spices add in Tikka

First of all keep in mind the ratio of spices should be accurate and especially the quantity of papaya paste count much for tenderizing the meat, neither less nor high.

I remembered once my cousin add papaya paste in extra quantity in meat and when she was going to put on skewers, all tikka boti fall down 😀

You can use your homemade Tandoori Masala to spice up your meat.

Use of Papaya Paste

Papaya Paste for Meat Tenderizing

So the simplest point is this use 2 tbsp papaya paste for 1 kg beef/mutton. If you are going to use 5 kg meat then increase the quantity according to meat and add 10 tbsp papaya paste.

If papaya paste is not available then use Kachri Powder in the same ratio.

Marination Time

Allow marinade for at least 6 hours, if you marinate meat well then no need to cook it on coals for more time and it also tenders. If the meat does not marinade properly then you cook it for more time and it also burns the meat and makes it hard.

Light the Coals

How to Burn Coals

Arrange coals in the grill. Using a match stick light the edges of coals and allow it to spread on all coals by letting it air by hand fan. If you feel a problem in lighting up the coals, drop a few drops of oil on coals; it will help in burning the coals. Be careful while doing this.

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Common Mistakes

Last not least, a common mistake is committed by the people is they heat up coals in large quantity and BBQ on high heat. High heat dries the meat and unbalances the spice taste. Instead, if do BBQ on medium heat, it will tender the meat and keep them moist and soft.

Avoid turning skewers again and again. Once cooked from one side then change the side and brush the oil.

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