Pakistani Street Food Recipes

Pakistani street food recipes have a unique and flavorful twist to traditional recipes. From popular samosas, pakoras, gol gappay, and chaat recipes, the list of snacks and meals are endless.

Top Pakistani Street Food Recipes

Here you can find 10 delicious and finger-licking Pakistani street food recipes that will make your taste buds go wild with joy!

It’s easy to recreate delicious Pakistani street food at home when you have these recipes on hand.

Pakistani street food is a delicious and diverse collection of regional dishes. The recipes in this article will help you explore the diversity around you. Try out some new flavors!

1. Laddu Pethi

Laddu peethi Wale Recipe
Laddu Pethi

Laddu Pethi is popular street food in Pakistan. Now it has been served at weddings, parties, and gatherings. The delicious food comes complete with sweet & sour chutney for toppings as well grated radish on top!

2. Gol Gappay

Gol Gappay Recipe
Gol Gappay

When it comes to street food in Pakistan, nobody can top the amazingness that is Gol Gappay. These handcrafted snacks are made with love and care by local vendors.

The flavors are rich and deep, the perfect bite starts with a crunch. A balance between saltiness and sweetness that will leave you wanting more!

A must try recipe for any foodie.

3. Dahi Pakorian

Dahi Phulkiaan
Dahi Pakorian

Dahi pakorrian is a popular street food that can be bought at various stalls and shops around the country. It’s typically served cold, drizzled with yogurt or chutneys to give it extra flavor!

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on some of this delicious and unique street food!

4. Creamy Fruit Chaat

Liberty Fruit Chaat Recipe
Creamy Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat is delicious and refreshing food that can be enjoyed any time of year. The seasonal fruits are combined with sweet chutney in this yummy snack. For a twist, you can also add cream.

5. Samosa

Mix Vegetable Samosa Recipe

I bet you can’t wait to try these delicious, crispy samosas while in Pakistan! One of the most famous South Asian food from Pakistan that has traveled all over the world.

The triangular pastries are deep-fried and filled with a variety of ingredients.

The tastes vary depending on which mix vegetables, mince or chicken you choose for your filling – it’s an appetizing experience!

6. Jalebi


Is there anything better than a warm, delicious treat to satisfy your cravings?

Jalebi is a type of delicious and colorful confectionery that has been enjoyed for centuries across South Asia as well as in the Middle East.

So go ahead give them a try!

7. Shami Burger

Anda Shami Burger
Shami Burger

When you think of traditional Pakistani street foods, the first thing that comes to mind may be bun kebab.

This delicious food originated in Karachi where it can be found on nearly every corner throughout this bustling city!

8. Faluda

Homemade Falooda

Falooda is a traditional Persian dessert that’s been enjoyed for centuries. Today, it has found its way to Pakistan where people love this sweet treat as well!

On hot summer days, it’s the perfect treat. It is a must-try recipe.

9. kulfi


kulfi is the most delicious food. It’s thicker than normal ice cream, which makes it even more perfect for those hot days when you need something cold to comfort your soul!

10. Anda Chana

Anda Chana Street Food
Anda Chana

Anda Chana is a delicious dish that’s perfect for breakfast. It serves with hot kulcha to make it even more enjoyable!

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