Tips & Tricks for Making Perfect Gulab Jamun

Tips to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun

Tricks to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun at Home

I got many queries on my Facebook page about making perfect gulab jamun. People often confuse when their

→ gulab jamun turns too hard

→ got cracks in oil

→ or break-in oil

So I decided to come up with the solution to these queries. Therefore, people can enjoy tasty gulab jamun at home.

Why Gulab Jamun Turns to Hard?

There are several small points we often neglect while making the gulab jamun and it results to make them hard.

High Heat

If you fry gulab jamuns on high heat, they will get perfect brown color from outside. But balls will remain hard from inside.


Always heat oil on medium then turns to medium low. Put gulab jamuns in badges, don’t overload the pan. Stir frequently. Fry on medium low heat until getting a nice brown color.

Hard Dough

Another reason is hard dough. If the dough is not soft, the jamuns turn too hard while frying.


Knead the dough until it becomes soft. According to the recipe, you are using milk, water or egg then do not add it at once. Instead add milk, water, or egg slowly until dough comes together.  Now with the help of your palm rub the dough until soft and smooth. Make balls with no cracks.

Rolling Gulab Jamuns with Hard Hands

Another possible reason for hard gulab jamuns is you make the balls with hard hands.


Always gently roll jamuns into balls. The best tip is to grease your hands with oil then roll them into balls.

How Avoid Cracks on Gulab jamun while Frying?

The possible cause of cracks on gulab jamuns while frying is

  • Addition of high quantity of rising agent i.e. baking powder or baking soda
  • The dough does not knead well
  • Oil is too hot or even not hot
  • There are cracks on gulab jamuns


  • Always use baking soda or baking powder according to recipe measurement.
  • Knead dough very well. It should be soft and smooth.
  • Make balls with soft hands and there should not any crack on the ball.
  • Heat oil on high heat then switches to medium low. There should not any smoke in oil.
  • Add balls and fry on low heat until getting a perfect brown color.

Why Gulab Jamun Break in Oil?

A probable reason for breaking balls in oil is the lack of moisture in the rolled dough. Thus, when they are in oil, they burst.


Pay attention that the dough is not too dry instead there is some moisture. Put some balls in hot oil and cover the rest off with the damp cloth. The damp cloth will keep the moisture on the outer layer of the balls.

Now try out Gulab Jamuns Recipe in English & Urdu and get a perfect result.

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