Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch Box Recipes for Kids

Has your child eat his school lunch happily or distribute it to friends? If so, you will have to change your kid’s lunch box menu.

Certainly, you want to give your child light, digestive, colorful, and flavorful food at lunch.

So that the child eats happily, his belly should be filled, he found nutrients and energy. Always adopt healthy meals for kids to fill their lunch box and their tummies.

Sometimes mom gets bore by packing a lunch box every day and sometimes can’t understand what to give the child.

Beat lunch boredom with these kid’s lunch box ideas.

Kids Lunchbox Ideas

Tender Pops

Tender Pops By Chef Shireen Anwar

Bite-size crispy chicken pieces are perfect for a lunchbox-friendly meal.

Get the Recipe: Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe

Chicken & Cheese Croquettes

Spicy Chicken and Cheese Croquettes

A combination of chicken and cheese makes these croquettes heavenly delicious for kids lunchbox menu.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Cheese Croquettes

Chicken Toast

Chicken Toast Recipe

You can use your leftover chicken and boiled potato for this recipe. Light and delicious Chicken Toast will sure to their favorite.

Get the Recipe: Step by Step Chicken Toast Recipe 

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Chicken is a tender and juicy chicken bites with a crispy coating. You can marinate and coat the chicken at night and fry it in the morning.

Get the Recipe: KFC Style Popcorn Chicken

Chicken & Cheese Nuggets

Chicken Cheese Nuggets

Your kids can’t resist if you pack a lunch box with nuggets. A combination of chicken and cheese develops a scrumptious taste.

Get the Recipe: Cheesy Chicken Nuggets

Bread Pizza

Quick Bread Pizza

There is fewer food that is more kids friendly like pizza etc. This is a version of bread pizza. Quick and simple! You can top it either only with veggies or add chicken.

Get the Recipe: Easy Bread Pizza

Pizza Burger

Pizza Burger Recipe

A pizza burger is easy and quick to make. Prepare the filling at night and stuff it in a burger in the morning along with cheese. Your kid’s favorite pizza burger is ready.

Get the Recipe: Stuffed Pizza Burger Recipe

Check Out Other Burger Recipes

Add burger variation in yummy lunch box ideas for the pleasure of kids.


Homemade Chicken Shawarma Recipe

Shawarma is one of the favorite food for kids. Homemade chicken shawarma never turns out wrong, You can easily make delicious shawarma at home so your kids can enjoy hygienic food.

Get the Recipes:


Chicken sandwich

Sandwiches are simple to make and kid’s just loved them. The benefit of making a sandwich is that you can prepare ingredients at night and assemble them in the morning. Check out some sandwich recipes for kids.

Get the Recipes:

Orange Pancake

Orange Pancake Recipe

Have you ever tried orange pancake? If not they must go for it. The flavor of fresh orange juice gives it a tantalizing taste.

Get the Recipe: Easy Orange Pancake

Mars Bar Cupcakes

How to Make Mars Cupcakes

If your kids love mars bar, surprise them with mars bar cupcakes in a lunch box.

Get the Recipe: Best Mars Bar Cupcakes Recipe 

Cake Pops

Easy Cake Pops

If you get cake then turn it into cake pops and give your kids. Cake pops even tastes more divine than the cake.

Get the Recipe: Cake Pops Recipe

Fruit and Nuts Salad

Quick Salad Recipes

Salad is among the best lunch box meals. Healthy and delicious this salad will hit your kids.

Get the Recipe: Ultimate Fruit & Nuts Salad

Potato Salad

Potato Salad Recipe

This salad really takes 10 minutes to prepare. Boil potato at night and rest prepare in the morning.

Get the Recipe: Easy Potato Salad

Potato Frittata

How to Make Potato Frittata

Healthy potato frittata never goes wrong for kids. They just love it.

Get the Recipe: Potato Frittata Baked

Hash Browns Potato

Hash Browns Potato

Few vegetables are more kid’s friendly than others like potatoes.  Have you ever give Hash Potato to your kids in the lunch box? If not, a must-try recipe.

Get the Recipe: Crispy Crunchy Hash Brown Potato 

Potato and Carrot Kabab

Easy Potato and Carrot Kabab

Use leftover potatoes for making these kababs.

Get the Recipe: Potato Carrot Kabab

Cheesy Noodles Kabab

Chicken Noodle Kababs

This is a guaranteed recipe to please your kids. Chicken, cheese, and noodles are all their favorite in one recipe.

Get the Recipe: Cheesy Noodle Kabab

Cross your fingers now.  All the interesting and flavorsome variations and fast lunch box ideas will force your child to finish the lunch.

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