10 Healthy Soup Recipes – Quick and Easy

Hot and Sour Soup by Chef Mehboob

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The soup is known, it is the first main food of autumn and winter. With its heating power, the bright colors and the many flavors that come together.

The soup is typical easy and simple to prepare. Raw vegetables are used in it. So, it is important to use fresh and seasonal vegetables for preparing soup.

8 Hearty Healthy Soup Recipes

Warm, welcoming and simple to prepare. These hearty healthy soup recipes are the perfect first course to fully enjoy vegetables, meat and fish.

Rich in flavor, aroma and consistency, they are a first course to bring to the table to share spoonfuls of flavor.

Here are the variants in easy and quick soup recipes which you can enjoy according to your taste and preference. 

1- Chinese Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

A delicious version of soup recipe that will never let you down. The recipe is very simple and requires few low cost ingredients. 

Hot and sour soup is a delicate comfort food with hot and sour taste. Chicken and vegetables are the main ingredients for this soup. 

Fish Corn soup is a tasty and original first course, which takes advantage of the versatility of fish and corn by offering a new way to savor it.

The soup is an excellent combination of chicken and vegetables. Wonderful in its simplicity and flavor. 

Another exciting recipe from a famous chef. He used some vegetables while preparing the broth. No doubt the vegetables creates an ultimate taste. 

A successful combination of flavors. Simple and with a spicy taste, here is a easy to prepare and delicious Schezwan Soup!

Egg drop soup is a very tasty first course. Warm, soft and satisfying it is not complicated at all.

The pea velvety soup is rich in color and flavor. A perfect comfort food for young and old to be enjoyed hot or warm!

What’s better than a delicious and chicken corn soup to refresh yourself from a long cold day? Perfect for lunch or dinner, both with family and friends

This soup recipe is by Chef Mehboob. A tasty and hearty soup, combined with a few simple ingredients, ideal to be enjoyed hot in winter!

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