Oreo Ice cream Cake

Oreo ice cream dessert

One of the desserts that just belongs on the table at simply all of your family gatherings favorite is ice cream. Ice cream is eaten in every season but especially during the summer, it becomes heart favorite. It is also very versatile. You can give it a new shape to surprise your family. I made it with Oreo Cookies and everyone loved it. This recipe of Oreo Ice cream Cake is very easy and requires minimal ingredients, but is perfect for any occasion and loved by all. For your convenience I am giving a step by step guide with pictures.

Oreo Ice cream Cake



  • 1 liter vanilla ice cream
  • 1 packet Oreo cookies


Crush half Oreo cookies.
Take out ice cream in a bowl; add half crushed Oreo cookies in ice cream to mix well.

Line up a 9 inches cake pan or some mold with fine plastic sheet.
Set whole Oreo cookies on all the side of mold or pan.

Now add ice cream mixture in pan and level it.
Spread crushed cookies on top.
Keep in freezer at least 6 hours or until set.


Carefully unlock cake pan to bring out ice cream cake or if you are using some simple mold, pull out plastic sheet carefully.

Set in serving plate and serve.


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