Mewa Zarda

Mewa Zarda

Mewa Zarda is a tasty combination of nuts with sweet rice. A great dish to serve after your main course.

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Mewa Zarda Recipe


  • Sela rice ½ kg (soaked in water for half-hour)
  • Ghee ½ cup
  • Pistachio 50 g
  • Almond 50 g
  • Dry coconut slices 25 g
  • Sugar 250 g
  • Red and green ashrafi 100 g
  • Kewera water 1 tsp
  • Sliver papers 2
  • Green cardamom 3-4


  1. Blanch pistachio and almond in water. Remove the skin of the almond.
  2. Boil rice in water until done and grains look separate.
  3. In a separate pan heat up ghee with cardamom, stir in coconut slice. add sugar and more than half a glass of water. Stir till sugar dissolve. Remove from flame.
  4. Add ashrafi, kewera water, half of pistachio and almond, and then rice. Stir gently and on the flame and cook rice until water dries. Keep on dum for 8-10.
  5. Garnish with silver paper and remaining pistachio and almond.

Note: if you like colorful zerda add drops of food colors when going to keep on dum.