How to Make Daisies from White Radish

Garnishing a serving plate does not only make it beautiful but also gives an impressive impression to everyone. You can easily make beautiful garnishes by using fresh fruits and vegetables. Use a sharp paring knife to shape them into flowers. In this tutorial you can learn how to make daisy flower with white radish. It is quite easy just follow all steps carefully.

Step by Step Radish Daisies

Things you need

White radish
Cutting board



Peel radish. Cut into two parts, each of length ranging from 5-7 cm. Then sliced ​​radishes in a circle.

Rub salt on top of cutting board. Spent radishes sliced ​​on cutting board and leave for five minutes to make it soften.
Fold in half along length, use a knife to cut diagonal to the distance (0.5 cm and depth of about 1-2 cm) side-fold seats.


Rolled it. Next, using a toothpick to fixed.
Finally soak in bowl of cold water to spread out the petals.
Your white radish daisy flower is ready to garnish salad and fried food etc.

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