How to Make Tomato Rose

Food garnishing enhance the look of a simple dish and make it more adorable. Make your dish appreciating with tomato rose. Learn with step by step picture how you can make beautiful rose with tomato.

Tomato Rose


Tomato Rose 1


Tomato Rose 2


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How to Make

  1. From the top of the tomato, cut a semi-circle around the stem, about 2 cm away.
  2. Slit it around the whole tomato- maintaining the same width. Remember not to cut too deep as you only want the skin of the tomato.
  3. Cut all the way until the bottom of the tomato.
  4. Cut horizontally from the top to remove the outer strip of skin from the tomato.
  5. Continue cutting all the way until the end.
  6. When you reach the bottom, cut the strip off from the tomato .
  7. You will have a long strip of tomato skin.
  8. Roll it to form a rose.