How to Make Cucumber Flower

Garnishing is very important for food presentation. Here is very easy cucumber flower for a nice presentation.

cucumber flower tutorial 1

  1. Take a vegetable peeler and slice the cucumber from both sides.
  2. Take one cucumber stripe (preferably a narrow or short one) and twist it into a bit spiral tube.
  3. Now make the first petal: take another stripe, lay one edge behind the tube, a bit lower, bend it away from you and lower the other end down to the base of the flower, then wrap around.
  4. Keep making the cucumber strips, also bend them away and wrap them around. Try to apply each strip to the flower so that the petals are shifted – sometimes small, sometimes large and in front of the previous petal. If the strips are too long, you can trim the excess at the ends, so that the bottom of the flower is not too long. Apply the strips a bit bended, so that the petals are lovely.
  5. Make a flower this way and if the flowers don’t stick together seal them with a toothpick.