Grilled Chicken Jalapeño Burger

Grilled Chicken Jalapeño Burger Recipe

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our sizzling Grilled Chicken Jalapeño Burger recipe!

Sink your teeth into a juicy grilled chicken patty, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Topped with melted cheddar cheese that adds a creamy richness to each bite.

But the real star of the show? The jalapeño slices bring an exciting kick, balanced by the cooling crispness of salad leaves and tomato.

Grilled Chicken Jalapeño Burger Recipe

Discover the perfect harmony of juicy grilled chicken, zesty jalapeños, and a medley of mouthwatering seasonings.


Chicken Marination

  • Chicken Breasts 1 kg
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Black Pepper 1 tbsp
  • White Pepper 2 tsp
  • Garlic Powder 1 tbsp
  • Mustard sauce 1/4 cup
  • Oil 1/2 cup
  • Cheese Slice as required

For Honey Mustard Sauce

  • Mayonnaise 1/2 cup
  • Black pepper1 tsp
  • Honey 2 tbsp
  • Mustard Sauce 1 tbsp
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tsp

For Jalapeno Sauce

  • Mayonnaise 1/2 cup
  • Black Pepper 1 tsp
  • Jalapenos 1/4 cup

For Burgers

  • Buns
  • Salad leaves
  • Grilled chicken
  • Grilled tomatoes
  • Caramelized Onions (take one tablespoon oil in a pan and add onion( ring onion) and saute for 5-6 minutes until onion turns soft and dull brown in color
  • Jalapeños


For Chicken

  • Marinate chicken breast with salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, and mustard oil.
  • Keep aside for 5-6 hours.
  • Heat oil in a grill pan and grill chicken breast until tender and juicy.
  • Top grilled chicken and cheese slice.

While the chicken is in the grilling process, let’s do other work.

Mix together honey mustard sauce ingredients in a small bowl.

Mix the Jalapeno Sauce ingredients in another small bowl.

Burger Assembling

  • Take little butter on the pan and toast your buns.
  • Now place salad leaves on a bun, add grilled chicken breast with cheese, jalapeños, grilled tomatoes, caramelized onions, and drizzle honey mustard sauce and jalapeño sauce on top.
  • Place other bun and serve with fries.

Recipe courtesy Hina Rattani Humair

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