Which Is Better Glass Or Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls?

Which Is Better Glass Or Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Suppose there is one essential item in your kitchen- the mixing bowl. Its multiple uses from salad mixing, dough mixing, and even soaking beans are easily carried out. Now, you come to reckon whether you need to own the best stainless mixing bowls or a glass mixing bowl.

If you are cost-conscious and do not have enough space and safety is your topmost priority, it’s preferably the stainless steel you will go for.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Based on physical features, looking at a glass bowl seems fragile. Mostly are Pyrex and other types like the glass baking dishes or tempered glass.

You might consider the following benefits of having the best stainless steel mixing bowl.

  1. Stainless steel material is durable and strong. It does not come to be generally thick. Also, the stainless mixing bowl is lightweight and easy to carry.
  2. Ingredients inside the stainless mixing bowl are easy to pour. Whenever there is a need to scrape excess batter, you can hold it easily compared to a glass bowl.
  3. The size of a stainless steel mixing bowl is one significant advantage. You can have a huge mixing bowl, but it is not heavy to carry.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. If you want perfectly whipped egg whites and cream, use stainless steel. Compared to glass bowls having a slicker side, making the foam cling easily.
  6. Stainless steel mixing bowls can also be used as a cooking vessel: hollandaise, Bain Marie, and beurre blanc. Unlike glass, heat travels fast and in reverse; keeping it cool is also quick.

Advantages of Glass Mixing Bowl

Advantages of Glass Mixing Bowl

Unlike a stainless mixing bowl, one real benefit of a glass mixing bowl is, it can be placed in a microwave. The bowl comes in many vibrant colors.

But choosing a colored one may somehow affect its transparency. Using a clear glass bowl enables you to see your ingredients making them more appealing than metal bowls.

Uses of Mixing Bowls

Both stainless steel and glass mixing bowls have the same function. Because of their material, they are being handled differently. Glass is heavier, and it’s a challenge pouring over your ingredients compared with stainless steel.

For safety concerns, even the best and most durable glass bowl can be broken, become scratched, and becomes foggy in the long run. However, the stainless steel is crack-proof and seldom loses its shine.


Choosing the best stainless mixing bowls compared to glass bowls is something you need to ponder. Also, whenever you encounter using a plastic bowl, it may pose some problems in terms of cleanliness, and you cannot utilize them for cooking.

A friendly reminder, buy a stainless steel bowl with lips around its edges. The same holds with glass bowls. These features make the bowl easy to hold. Now, grab that bowl start mixing your way.

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