Noodles Cake

Noodles Cake is a quite different recipe of noodles with a tangy sauce. Chicken and cheese are added in noodles for a delicate taste. This is my prize winning recipe. Must try and share your views.



  • Capsicum 1
  • Carrot 1
  • Corn flour 2 tsp
  • Water 2 tsp
  • Egg 1
  • Honey 2 tsp
  • Soya sauce 4 tsp
  • Noodles 2 packets
  • Garlic 2 cloves (minced)
  • Oil 2 tsp
  • Cooked chicken 100 gm (shredded)
  • Salt and black pepper to taste


  • Ketchup 4 tsp
  • Chili garlic sauce 2 tsp
  • Soya sauce ½ tsp
  • Oil 2 tsp


  1. Cut capsicum and carrot into matchstick-size strips.
  2. Stir corn flour and water in a small bowl.
  3. Mix egg, honey and soya sauce in separate bowl.
  4. Make noodles according to directions. Drain if there is any extra liquid. Keep aside.
  5. Sauté minced garlic in 2 tsp oil until light brown.
  6. Add carrot for a minute to sauté. Then add capsicum and cook about 1 more minute.
  7. Mix in chicken, noodles, stir-fry for a minute. Add egg mixture to mix.
  8. Then add corn flour mixture. Stir together until egg mixture blends with corn flour.
  9. Cook until thickens, then season with salt and black pepper.
  10. Grease bowl with oil and transfer noodle mixture to bowl and cool.
  11. Heat 2 tsp oil in the non stick frying pan and add sauce ingredients. Cook till stat bubbling. Reserve half quantity sauce.
  12. Flip cooled noodles cake carefully over remaining sauce in frying pan. Cook until bottom of the noodle cake is brown and crusty. Shake the pan to prevent it from sticking. Keep cooking for about 5 minutes.
  13. Turn cake out on a plate, with the brown side down.
  14. Add reserved sauce in frying pan and carefully slide noodle cake back into. Now plain side down. Cook for about 5 minutes until bottom of the noodle cake turns brown again.
  15. Transfer to a separate plate. Cut into slices to serve.

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