How to Make Espresso Coffee


How to Make Espresso Coffee

Espresso Coffee requires a machine for a perfect taste of creamy coffee, but mostly we can’t afford a machine so let try making Espresso Coffee without machine. All it depends on well beating with hand. I am sharing step by step pictures so everyone can understand the color and texture of beaten coffee.

How to Make Espresso Coffee


  • Coffee 1 tsp
  • Sugar 1 tsp or to taste
  • Hot water 2 tsp
  • Hot boiling milk 1 cup


Add coffee, sugar and hot water in a small bowl.

Espresso Coffee Step 1Using a spoon, start beating coffee to incorporate as much air as you can. Only continuously beating will give you the whipped frothy coffee-sugar mix. You will observe the color will change from dark brown to pale brown while you beat it.

Espresso CoffeeWhen you get pale brown color, spoon coffee mixture into mug, pour hot milk from a reasonable distance, mix and adjust sugar. Sprinkle coffee and serve hot.

How to Make Espresso Coffee at Home

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