How to Remove Particular Smell of Red Meat

Remove Particular Smell of Red Meat

Eid ul Edha is a holy festival of Muslims, on which the sacrifice of animals are done. The meat is distributed among needy people and relatives. This Eid is also called meaty Eid because meaty dishes are cooked these days.

People often complain that sacrificed animal’s meat gives a particular smell. So, how Remove Particular Smell of Red Meat (Qurbani k Gosht ki Mehak Dor kerna)?

The solution is quite easy for a  guaranteed result. This is my own tried trick and I also referred to many people in my surrounding. They all are agreed by using this trick there was no smell.

2 Trick to Remove Particular Smell of Red Meat

  1. All you need is sprinkle flour (which we use to make chappati) along splash of water on meat and mix it to coat evenly. Leave it for at least one to two hours then wash meat with normal water. If the meat is one kg then a handful of flour is enough. So, use quantity according to this. Up and down in flour quantity does not matter much. Easy?
  2. Another trick is, apply vinegar and garlic paste on meat and stand it for 30 minutes. After that wash it with water.

Both tricks are approved and you will easily get rid of the meat smell. You can also remove kaleji (liver) smell with the same tips.

قربانی کے گوشت کی مخصوص مہک دور کرنے کا طریقہ

قربانی کے گوشت کی مخصوص مہک دور کرنے کیلئے اس پر آٹا اور تھوڑا سا پانی چھڑکیں اور اسے ایک سے دو گھنٹے کیلئے چھوڑ دیں اور پھر گوشت کو پانی سے دھولیں۔ گوشت کی مخصوص مہک ختم ہو جائے گی۔ اگر گوشت ایک کلو ہے تو ایک مُٹھی بھر آٹا کافی ہے۔

How to Get Rid of Meat Smell

Watch this video and get another tip for removing meat smell.