How to Give Smoky Aroma in Food

Do you want to give a tandoori, bbq, or smoky aroma to your food? Here is a perfect and easy method that makes your food taste delicious.

Smoky Aroma in Food

 All you Need is

  • Coal
  • Dry Bread Piece/onion skin/steal small plate
  • Oil


  1. Take a small piece of dry bread/roti or the skin of an onion for the base. Put base in over the chicken. Remember that the base should be big enough so that the coal may not touch food.
  2. Now place your coal directly on flame for 5-10 minutes or until it’s red hot.
  3. Once it is red hot, carefully lift it from the stove and place it over the base created for it and pour a tea spoon of oil over it, it will start to smoke immediately.
  4. Quickly seal the lid of your pan and leave it for 5-10 minutes.