Best Juicer for Celery Juice

best juicer for celery juice

The modern-day age has its pros and cons. One of the pros that we have seen is the people’s attention towards the food they eat and the supplements they consume.

That said, people are now consuming celery juice as it’s loaded with nutrients. So, the best juicer for celery might help you get that fresh and natural juice that you are craving.


What is the best juicer for celery?

The best celery juicer is loaded with multiple features. It helps to grind celery perfectly. While doing so, the advanced technologies used in such appliances won’t lose any minerals or vitamins allowing you to boost your immunity.

Hence, in this regard, I’ve got a solution for you if you need the Best Juicer for Celery that offers durability, improved efficiency, better performance, and has an affordable budget at the same time.

Top 4 Best Juicer for Celery Juice

Below is a compilation of the TOP 4 Best juicers for celery juice. Have a look at the table yourself and get the best option available:

1. BREVILLE JE98XL – Best Juicer For Celery Juice

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item weight: 4.5 Kilograms
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Most of the users that would be reading this article and trying to choose the juicer shall be using it at home in their kitchen. This juicer from BREVILLE is one of the top options on the list.

I’m glad that we are reviewing it first because it is equipped with some super necessary features. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review!

Why We Love It?

Design: Firstly, by looking at the juicer it can easily be said that Breville has done a great job designing this product. The BREVILLE juicer is designed in a very contemporary manner. The all-around 360 design from whichever you look at it gives a very up-to-date feel.

Color Scheme: Time to replace that passive-looking juicer in your kitchen with this flourishingly designed juicer. The color scheme of the juicer is a subtle one, the silver and black combination go pretty well complements the modern overall look of the juicer.

Juice Extracting: Now putting the design aspect behind us, talking about the working of the juicer, you should know that it is equipped with a 3-inch extra-wide feeder chute. The chute that is wide will extract the 8-ounce cup of juice in just 5 seconds.

Stainless Steel Cutting Disc: Coming to the next subject of discussion, the juicer can extract about 30 percent more juice and about 40 percent more vitamins and minerals. This is achieved through a stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made micro-mesh filter.

Compact Body: In addition to this, The body of the juicer is as compact as it gets because it Is manufactured in a heavy grade polymer built. For such fast extraction of the juices, there must be a necessary powerful motor to make this possible. There is an 800-watt power motor that provides a significant force for it.

Safety Protection LED: Last but not the least, there is a safety protection LED that protects against an unsafe operation.


There might be some deficiencies that might lead to little problems while cleaning the juicer. otherwise, all in all, the juicer is a very great option as it performs reliably and provides peak output.

The Good

  • 800W power motor
  • Safety protection LED
  • 3 Inch extra-wide chute
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 1-year warranty

The Bad

  • Minimal problems while cleaning it

Why you should buy it?

One of the best options available is to try recipes at home. On the contrary, the best juicer for juicing can also perform equally great for your juice shop or restaurants. All around contemporary builds and functions make it one of the bests on the list.

2. Hamilton Beach – Best Centrifugal Juicer

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feedchute, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item weight: 9.38 pounds 
  • warranty: 3 years

The next item on our list is the Hamilton Beach Juicer. A simple option among the fancier ones. The small juicer for celery is here to do its job.

Carrying the product is easy thanks to its simplified and lightweight design.

It is a perfect companion for trips and short tours. We will be further exploring the quirks and features of this affordable juicer below. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Why We Love It?

Large Chute: Firstly, the juicer has an Extra-large 3-inch chute. Now you can fit a peeled Orange, a whole apple, or a handful of kale without any mess. The stabilized chute and the powerful motor allow an extraction that is continuous and full of vitamins and essential nutrients. It leaves behind less residue and extracts maximum ingredients.

Powerful Motor: Secondly, The motor itself has a power of 800W. The tough motor can perform relatively well on hard fruits and vegetables. It can turn the stiff beetroots into smoother juice in a flash.

Easy Assembling: Moreover, The Hamilton Beach juicer is easy to assemble, and within a whiff, you can extract fresh juices and try different smoothies.

Ease of Clean: The parts are removable for thorough cleaning. There is also the basic dishwasher safe parts included. The product’s build is also BPA-free. An organic compound that is otherwise used in the plastics and resins of the juicers.

Warranty: In addition to all of this, the company will provide a 3year limited warranty to its customers.


As affordable as it gets, the product has enough features to do the job with ease. But there might be some durability issues, and some minimal issues might be faced by the customer sometimes while using the Hamilton Beach juicer.

The Good

  • 800W power motor for Smooth extraction
  • Extra-large 3” chute that fits all.
  • BPA Free product
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Travel friendly

The Bad

  • Durability and reliability concerns

Why you should buy it?

The Hamilton juicer has many features that will allow perfect extraction while trying the desired fruits and vegetables.

The juicer is ideal for someone new to using such juicers. Overall it is the ideal compact juicer for celery as a traveling companion to obtain healthy and fresh juice anywhere, anytime.

3. Moongiantgo – Best Manual Juicer

Moongiantgo Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Extractor Stainless Steel Manual Juicer for Juicing Wheat Grass Celery Kale Spinach Parsley Pomegranate Apple Grapes Fruit Vegetable (Classic Style)


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Item weight: 5.06 pounds


As stated by the description, this juicer that we are going to review is different from others because it involves manual labor. Now you can have a diverse juicing experience by using a manual handler to extract the juice.

The handle of the Moongiantgo Juicer is compact enough and easy on the hand. It gives a pretty naturalistic feel to the juicing practice.

Why We Love It?

Easy Juicing: In addition to this, the juicer has multipurpose features. It has been manufactured by keeping in view that the user must always be able to juice anything anywhere.

Therefore the juicer will extract anything leafy like celery plants. Consequently, the Moongiantgo Juicer can break down hard and stiff vegetables and fruits into a juice mixture within minutes.

Equipped with Cleaning Material: The major thing that has been kept in mind by the developer is that the customer shall not be stuck once he buys the juicer. Relevant cleaning materials have been stocked inside the juicer package. Apart from this, the clean juice-making procedure is also mentioned in the owner’s manual.

BPA Free: The manufacturer further promotes by explaining that the juice parts are 100% BPA free so there are no worries. The whole juice making process including cleaning will take a maximum of 5 minutes.


It is a pretty balanced option available on the market whilst keeping in mind all the pros of the Moongiantgo Juicer; some people might find the manual juice making a little tiring and hard for them. So you need to keep this in mind while buying the juicer.

The Good

  • Set up is easy
  • No noise in a manual processing
  • Easy to clean

The Bad

  • Tighten the eye-bolts is not easy

Why you should buy it?

A standard option that comes with a manual handle. A pretty unorthodox approach that Is appreciated by some users.

4. Cuisinart CJE1000 – best juicer for celery and greens

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor


  • Material: Man-made-material
  • Item weight: 9 pounds
  • Wattage: 1000 watts


Next up we have on the list is a juicer that performs exceptionally well in the durability standard. The manufacturing built and the compact design are both in stainless steel.

The product is bound to be long-lasting and provides healthy juices daily without any hassle. We will be reviewing the features of this juicer below.

Why We Love It?

Adjustable Speed for Juicing: First of all, the Cuisinart CJE celery juicer machine has an alternative 5-speed juice extraction component. That will allow the user to extract juices at different levels.

Your smoothies will get more enriched and flavorful, and your fresh juices will become full of nutrients due to this. To accompany this 5-speed adjustable juice making is the built-in 1000W powerful motor.

Feeding Chute: In addition to this, there is a 3’’ large feeding chute that will handle all your foods may they be bulking or stiff, it does not matter. The feeding chutes will intensely break down the ingredients to provide an optimal level of vitamins and other healthy minerals.

Built-in Control Dial: Furthermore, the juice has a built-in control dial that has features like easy unlock, a Lift system, and anti-drip adjustable flow spout. One of the other major aspects of juice is the pulp container.

Now take advantage of an enlarged 2-liter pulp container. This will further improve the taste of your drinks and make them nutritious.

Safety Standards: The product complies with the safety standards of North American Electrical appliances.


Although the Cuisinart CJE Juicer excels at quite a several fronts. One downfall might be that the juicer is a little expensive in comparison with some of the other options available on the list.

The Good

  • 5-speed juice extraction
  • The powerful motor of 1000W
  • 2-ltr pulp container
  • Control dial for easy functionality
  • 3’’ large feeding chute

The Bad

  • Short extension cord

Why you should buy it?

Suppose you are looking for a durable and long-lasting product that works fine for a long time. This is the right product for you.

The Best Juicer For Celery Buyer’s Guide

A juicer is an essential item to have in your kitchen if you want to promote a safer, healthier lifestyle. A person should always try to boost their immune system by drinking different types of juices.

For this purpose, it is essential to buy a juicer that suits your preference not to regret your buying decision.

For this, I shall be your guide and try to make the buying process a little easy for you through this buying guide:

1. Know your Usage Purpose

Significantly, you shall know that the juicer that you will be buying is for what particular usage. Are you going to try some simple, straightforward recipes that will be needing minimal features, and a simple juicer will do the job?

Alternatively, Are you someone that is into using the juicer for multipurpose and for differently oriented recipes.

2. Durability Concerns

From a buyer’s perspective, durability concerns are of utmost importance. Make sure that you read this article thoroughly and then opt for a brand that is well known so that you cannot be disappointed afterward.

Consequently, you can also read user reviews apart from this article to understand the product’s durability better.

3. Juice Extraction Ability

I mean by this, you shall buy a product that gives a high yield juice extraction. This is of optimal importance because when you buy a juicer, you are bound to expect maximum benefits from it.

High juice extraction will add more vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients to your diet. Therefore pay heed to this feature importantly.

4. Budget Matters Most

Not every user has a free choice-making zone. Some of us have limited resources, and therefore what is important is that for a user with a compact budget.

He needs to research more and surely read all aspects of the review. He shall also compare between products to choose a product with maximum features within the desired budget.


Can You Put Celery In A Juicer?

Not all types of juicers are capable to extract celery juice. There are certain juicers in which you can put celery for getting the juice.

What Juicer Does The Medical Medium Recommend?

As it concerns Medical Medium, the best type of juicer for celery is a cold press masticating juicer, as compared to centrifugal juicers.

How Many Stalks Of Celery Make 16 Oz Of Juice?

Drinking sixteen ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach has enormous benefits. You just need 1 large stalk to make sixteen ounces of juice.

Is It OK To Drink Celery Juice Every Day?

According to Anthony Williams, in his book Liver Rescue, celery juice is healthy and rich in healing properties. Taking 16 ounces of juice every day on an empty stomach can give you loads of health benefits.

Is It Better To Juice Or Blend Celery?

Celery is good for health. So no matter you eat it, make juice or blend it, you get the benefits. Blending and juicing are both beneficial in different ways and it provides you nutrition.

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